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It’s Zuma I’m back but I need help.

Hey you know what quitting this blog hurt, really badly so I’m back on Swetson, you told me you hated Wizard 101… rofl anyways girl swetsons people of my blog I’m only home at night now and its frustrating! Starting tomorrow I will start posting again but I need you guys to help me and if anyone wants to be a moderater and has a wordpress tell me I will consider you!
Swetson11(soon to be 13 on sunday to be exact rofl):lol when i say that i am addicted to wizard101 and do you play wizard101?


I am here and I am sorry.

Hello everyone, I know you have been wondering where I have been. I have been, at school, at home, outside, and well I kinda quit cp for a while, but I’m back an I’ll try to get posting again, My dad told me last night that someone put a wanted poster on my site, I cracked up, I’m really sorry. I am hoping I can kick things off big and get a lot of hits, so when we get to ten thousand I’ll have a party, coin code contest, cheats galore, and more! When I got on CP the other day I was really bummed out because my membership expired, and my hard work had finally payed off! šŸ˜¦ The orange puffle, which I have been spreadingĀ  rumors and bugging cp about, like the white, rainbow, Yellow, Gold, grey, brown and more( yes those were my ideas, except gold). So maybe I can get one soon. Anyways I’m back and ready to party! (In Summer I’ll be posting the most.) Oh and to Swetson, Girl, Bluedude,Orbit, and those ppl, Try and meet me soon, I miss ya!

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