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Earth Day Coming Soon!

Well, the  mine is pretty much losing all of it’s old tradition, but I’m not that upset.  So if you read the news paper you’ll see that they’re fixing it all up for Earth Day, and Gary’s working on making a recycling center so we’ll probably end up with a new room, and game! There’s a new frog pin at the dock.

Other than that not much is going on but I’ll keep you updated if I find anything out!


Ruby and the Ruby

This is not my fav but oh well……
Pin of prettiness

Okay here is the order to get pin

Step One: Click on the single door, door knob to open it up.

Step Two: Click on the Double Doors to open them

Step Three: Click on the top drawer of the filing cabinet to open it to see a file

Step Four: Click on the garbage can to open it up.

Step Five: Click on the black guest book, it will flip threw some pages.

Step Six: Click on the vase to lift it up. This is the last step!

The Final Step: Click on the mirror, and then click on the safe. It will open up and reveal the Ruby Pin! Click on it and add it to your inventory. Congratulations! You have now completed the Ruby and the Ruby Stage!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!!!!!!! Click and drag down the How do I get coins and there is a backround!!!!!


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