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I am here and I am sorry.

Hello everyone, I know you have been wondering where I have been. I have been, at school, at home, outside, and well I kinda quit cp for a while, but I’m back an I’ll try to get posting again, My dad told me last night that someone put a wanted poster on my site, I cracked up, I’m really sorry. I am hoping I can kick things off big and get a lot of hits, so when we get to ten thousand I’ll have a party, coin code contest, cheats galore, and more! When I got on CP the other day I was really bummed out because my membership expired, and my hard work had finally payed off! 😦 The orange puffle, which I have been spreading  rumors and bugging cp about, like the white, rainbow, Yellow, Gold, grey, brown and more( yes those were my ideas, except gold). So maybe I can get one soon. Anyways I’m back and ready to party! (In Summer I’ll be posting the most.) Oh and to Swetson, Girl, Bluedude,Orbit, and those ppl, Try and meet me soon, I miss ya!

I’m alive and I have flamin’ hot news!

Salvete  Omnes!  I’m actually alive!!!!!!!!!!!! xD home sick- but alive!!!!! So I decided I should post, Okay so most of you have probably noticed club penguins start up screen:

And for most of you when you see something like this you immediatly think: Something big involving ninjas is happening, to the ninja hideout. Well good that’s what you should think.  There is a video telling you about the game but it is  laggy on my cmptr and my cmptr isnt exactly old so cp needs to  use some lower tech stuff I think. So at the ninja hideout you need to buy a  Amulet which some of us helped gold smith and click the stone fire inscription and a huge door will appear go inside and you will find the still under construction fire Dojo!!!!!



But it loads slowly…….. … Anyways what I know about it is that  it will have four players a game  and is member only!



Mom got me some fire Card jitsu cards the other day so I went upstairs and typed in the code but look!



I e-mailed cp and  Emma said that it would be ready soon. Every time I e-mail club penguin Emma responds….. Odd……. lol


This has been Zumaboy’s CP cheats.


Shoes as face items?

LOL look at my face item list!Shoes for your face

LOL see the shoes are in the face item place!

Hearing your own music in the lighthouse permanent!

Girl: lol Zuma!! xD


Hey everyone!! Billybob put a new post on What’s New. Here it is:

Hello Penguins!

It’s been great to hear how much you loved the Music Jam. We saw tons of awesome bands, and you guys have been really creative all over the island with the music party stuff. A lot of you told us that you liked being able to hear your instruments at the Lighthouse stage. Since we heard from so many of you, we’re going to make that a permanent thing. The team is working so that in about a week, anytime you play at the Lighthouse stage with certain instruments, you’ll be able to hear them! Let us know what you think.

Even though the Music Jam is officially done, some of the party music will be available in your igloos this Friday. To get ready for the new tracks, check out the latest Better Igloos catalog (it came out just over a week ago), and then decorate with some music items to keep your own party going!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

😀 yaaaaaaay!!

– Girl34561

Music Jam is still here?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Hi folks!!! For some reason the  Music Jam is still here!!!!!! I guess that’s good lol well anyways I have a new favorite room for the music jam….. The lighthouse!!!!!!!!!! It rocks!!!!!!!!!! I love playing and acctually hearing it! lol!

Music jam is still here!!!


Okay ppl I am back!!!!!!!! Here are the trackers

They will often be on Servers that aren’t normally crowded like say….. Mittens for instance, If it is almost full they are probably there. Thanks!!!!!


Room: Night Club

Server: Big Surf (Refresh)


Room: Backstage

Server: Wind Chill(Refresh)

And remember this is updated when we see them so plz tell where they are in comments or go to
The Chat to get help I am almost always there. When I’m on the computer, so I can help you too. P.S. Mods If you see them update tracker!!!!!


All-Access Pass Cheats

These cheats are only for people with an All-Access pass.

In the catalog backstage:

Music catalog cheats

Click the i to get the Snare Drum and the Drum Sticks, and click the O to get the Black Electric Guitar.

The Night Club Roof:

Free item on roof

The roof is pretty much the same as the roof looked like at the Member dance party, except there’s some kind of music maker there.

– Girl34561

July Furniture Catalog Cheats

There are quite a few…

Record cheat

Click that to get the Band Stage.

Dj table cheat

Click that to get the Wall Speaker.

Guitar stand

Click that to get the Guitar Stand.

bamboo torch

Click that to get the LCD Television.

Midevil banner

Click that to get the Knight Sculpture.

Garden thing

Click that to get the Picket Fence.


And finally last but not least click that to get the Wheelbarrow.

If I missed anything, leave a comment and let me know 🙂

– Girl34561

Music Jam!

Hey everyone! Me and Swetson will be posting for 2 or 3 days because Zumaboy’s on vacation. Anyway, the Music Jam is here! The free item is at the Cove:

free item

And the pin is at the Boiler Room:

Unbrella Pin

I hope u all enjoy the party! 😀

– Girl34561

Music jam and contest (now in all languages!(that cp uses))

Hello Everyone!

There’s a lot of creativity happening on the island right now! Music Jam starts this Friday and we’ve seen some pretty awesome band rehearsals taking place.

In Other News: Some of you might remember the Penguin Tales writing contest from last year. Starting July 23 – August 5 we’re going to be looking for new submissions! This year is exciting because it’s the first time that French, Spanish, Portuguese and English can all submit in their own languages. Everybody can start sharpening their pencils and thinking about some of the activities and adventures you’ve been having during the 101 Days of Fun… I’ll have more details soon.

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