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Long time no see!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting, I was grounded 😦 xD Hey so I’m totally disappointed because I missed the party but as usual there was a storm, however it’s still there… this is only proving my original theory which many others agree with, The next ninja gem is coming out, Water.

In another post I shall put a possible way the ninja hideout will look. If I can edit it well xD. In other news here are the catalog cheats!

I’m just going to post pics for most of them today.


Click the awesome fish and kapow! the red viking helmet becomes available, but who wants red when you can have blue so exit and open four times and you can buy the blue helmet!


Hiya, it’s Zuma!

Woah you wouldn’t believe it, my life is all exciting now! xD   Kung-Fu Panda world  came out the other day, my mom wanted me to play it when my little brother started playing, it had a lot of glitches since it came out that day. So I couldn’t log back on. It said it’s for people who graduated from cp, but if I have to play one, I’m playin’ both. 🙂 lol Anyways while I was who knows where doing who knows what (I know, >:) )  I noticed the knew catalog came out, So here are some cheats, I can’t post the pictures now but I should have them up before Monday.

Click the middle shelf on the Burgundy bookshelf to find the green deck chair, click the head of the Burgundy lamp to find the green bookshelf.  (Guess the secret furniture is going green!) Click the rail on the burgundy curtains to find the recycling bin (Blue not green xD) Click the trim or whatever on top of the green vase to find the HD TV! Click the top of the tree stump to find a cool lookin’ clover balloon!  Click the bottom stone (the one that looks like the open mouth on the “face”) of the wishing well to find the clover garland! Click the open mailbox opening to find the cool looking blue lamp (Put next to recycling bin) And…….. That’s all I think!  There is a new news paper that says we were supposedly correct, new room comin’ on earth day!


4th of July Cheats and glitches

Hi Penguins! In America it is fourth of July!!!! I’m putting a  bunch of cheats on my site today to celebrate it so here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt arctic’s cool!  (Or maybe even cold)
Here’s a funny trick, get on the news paper go to the aunt arctic section, and hover over her glasses. They turn to shades!!!! lol!

Blast-off glitch
Heres a funny and easy to activate glitch .

1. go to the lodge
2.  waddle over to the fire
You’ll blast off to the attic! lol

zoneo Secret door trick

Go to the snow forts and click under the clock3000 and right when you get there click on your home’ll look like you went through a secret door!

Sled cheat

On this cheat you…   Well don’t crash, you win!
1. Get on bunny hill LAST.
2. Press the left arrow key twice!
3. at ice  go to ice and go over log in front of ice
4.then go back to where you were and you win!
Walk while playing or waiting!
1.enter sled racing, mancala, of find four
2.while playing or waiting click another game board or dance or something
1.turn blue
go to edge of I ce burg like this!
Hi Heres a dance cheat so non-members can do expert mode!
1. go to dance contest
2. say you want to do single player
3. when chooseing level(easy mideum or hard) click on DJ Cadance. then you say you want to do expert!
expert-mode-cheat That’s it!

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