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Anniversary is finally here! And the contest is almost over! THROW SNOWBALLS THEY CHANGE COLOR! GETCHA HAT! HAVE FUN! THE CAKE WILL BURST CONFETTI hensforth giving u a stamp! Picture cool picture fun click for everyone under the sun it’s not what you think but maybe a bit better click and you shall shout something random like hether! New books to read new books to do but are all these books new for you? Anyways if you by some chance understood those sentences you’d know what you need to It’s only in coffee shop at first glance. But hey! This has been a good five years, what’s your favorite part been? Remember this party is only today!

It’s Zuma I’m back but I need help.

Hey you know what quitting this blog hurt, really badly so I’m back on Swetson, you told me you hated Wizard 101… rofl anyways girl swetsons people of my blog I’m only home at night now and its frustrating! Starting tomorrow I will start posting again but I need you guys to help me and if anyone wants to be a moderater and has a wordpress tell me I will consider you!
Swetson11(soon to be 13 on sunday to be exact rofl):lol when i say that i am addicted to wizard101 and do you play wizard101?

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