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Air,(or dragon lol) Party Sneak peek!!

Hi everyone!!!!!! There is a new update on the  most likly upcoming Air,water, or dragon party!!!

Hello Penguins,

There’s a brand new party coming And thx to Bluedude… I think it’s an air party!!!!!!  here is some photographic evidence

Air Party is coming!!!!!


festival of flight

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen in Club Penguin. And I mean it…Nothing. More details will be coming, but I wanted you guys to see this first. Let me know what you think!!

Comment Question: Do you think the party will be caused from Gary’s plan/invention gone wrong/or whatever??? Tell in a comment

P.S. I want ALL current mods to comment on this post as an active check if by the end of this week all mods have not commentedone of the ones that doesnt comment will be deleted and Bludude5724 will be made a mod he has to comment too, If all mods comment then  he will not be made a mod but he can become one if he gets 50 points on activity page. Yes I will make it 50 not 100 Okay!!! 😉 only if he wants to!


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