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air party!

Hi everyone!!! anyways I would put pics but Im not gonna cuz Im too lazy so I’ll just type.bluedude5724:i took the pics go me!

Well on CP today the party started it’s really fun at the dock you can make kites fly to help cp stay up (I cant see how it would help  From the Ice burg u can  see cp up in the sky!!!!! The big balloon is up on the tallest mountain which is sooooo coolIve seen it before but I havent got to enjoy it cuz both times I was on a mission. at the cove the water isnt there anymore so it’s blocked off. lol! the blimps from the sneak peek are at the dock. They fire snowballs!!!!! On the mountain you can help make fun shaped clouds!!!! and see them from the telescope on top of the lighthouse!bluedude5724:cfkghsoghsg

sceptile9 air party

You can go in there and it’ll take you to the tallest mountain!!! You can find it at the  Forest bluedude:visdjgiod i like i pods gjdblkg

sceptile9 new benie

New propeller hat!!!!!!! It’s green you  find it at the plaza

sceptile9 jetpack

and up on the tallest mountain you can find a jet pack!!!!!!!!!! it is a neck item!!!! You cant have anything else on though……. Except propeller hatsbluedude5724:thank you for editing that part out!

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