All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!

Funny pics


Here I am minding my own business  when TWO (one was VERRRRRY  slow) Dinosaurs attack me!!!!!!!!!!

Fire penguin Spirit


Herbert and Klutzy Player Cards

This is Herbert and Klutzy’s player card apparently Klutzy likes to make pictures for Herbert! lol

Batman penguin!!!!!

I met Batman on cp he is so cool!!!! He was fighting The Joker4361Im his buddy! (I made this myself it’s my first ever edited penguin!)

My  two favorite cards in the wole game

These are my two favorite cards in all of card Jitsu!

Oh my wat-AHH!

I was reaching for my water I dropped, then I fell out of my chair!!!!

funny fuffles

These puffles freaked me out at first but once u get to know them they are nice!


They say they are the best band ever they also say they are screen hog  I watched for a while and it’s  true!


That was an odd day in cp…

He just keeps staring.

Ever sence I had a snowball fight here He’s been looking at me all day…


Gary gave some food that would make my puffles grow faster. It worked a little to well…

He is in a goodish mood today

I can’t tell what mood he is in really… I didn’t even know DJ tables had moods!!

It's invisable!!!

I know ninjas can turn invisible but I thought it was more like turning into a shadow… BUT HE (OR SHE) IS COMPLETELY INVISIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

My puffle painting lololol of houie

My yellow puffle Super Puffle painted a picture of my green puffle Houie.

He’s staring straight into your heart. o.o xD

Omg, remember that invisible guy from the dance club? Well I just had a sled race WITH THE INVISIBLE DUDE!

NOO! Not the flying monkeys!

Thanks to my good pal I don’t have to go refill my bucket every five minutes!

I ran quickly to the nearest igloo and it was coincidentally the invisible dude’s! I found a translucent bubbly drink, the flying monkey chased me to the cove so I chugged down the drink and I lost the monkey, but I payed the price of turning invisible!

Um is there not supposed to be some kind of string I pull?

Comments on: "Funny pics" (18)

  1. Keep up the imagination! You need more funny pics 😀


  2. I know… I’m mostly just doing other things for my site

  3. orbit777 said:

    LOL, I haven’t even start my funny page yet!!

  4. lol My first one is reeeeally weird

  5. Girl34561 said:

    i loved the first one! the green puffle is so funny!!!!

  6. Girl34561 said:

    oh, and can u add me and Orbit’s blog to ur blogroll, since we have u on ours? thx 🙂

  7. plz let me be on ur blogroll

  8. bludude5724 said:

    lollol he or she is invisable

  9. bludude5724 said:

    plz do more you havent done one in like 10 years!
    Zumaboy: I cant find anything funny to put! Maybe I’ll make some edited penguins or something. idk

  10. lol your computer was slow on the card jitsu one!!
    Zumaboy:Yeah lol

  11. bludude5724 said:

    can you put me on you blogroll my site is
    Zumaboy:I know your site I was going to but u didnt answer the required questions….. You just changed the Subject lol.

  12. bludude5724 said:

    what do you mean the quistoins

  13. My first ever edited penguin is out (Batman!) Yay!!!!!

  14. bludude5724 said:

    lol bat man!

  15. zumaboy2 said:

    I was thinking about a phineas and ferb on maybe candace too LOL!

  16. cool

  17. swetson11 said:

    awesome u added some more!!

  18. bluedude5724 said:

    yes i love them!

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