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Featured Igloos

Lil Winter’s iggy!



Featured igloo

Okay I forgot the name for ^^^^ this ^^^^ one But I think it was something like Alyssa 4368 or something but it is an awesome iggy. 😉 lol

Hi I am going to make a featured Igloo thing there will be a new one every other week or soI will keep the old ones up though.Oh and I only feature ones on Snowboard the server. Here they are

Comments on: "Featured Igloos" (12)

  1. orbit777 said:

    mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like the corner with the red sofa!!

  2. you need to add lilrazz1 i am a beta and ill be on cp tomorow at yeti add me and make my iggy on ur page pls
    If you show me your beta hat I will!! Well you know what I will even if u don’t!!

  3. bludude5724 said:

    cool i love it!

  4. err… Zuma, y would u add him if he lied?
    Zumaboy: Cuz I’m nice.
    Girl: Oh, psh-aw! Nice ppl don’t annoy their friends and say that they like it when they r mad T.T
    Zumaboy:??? What!??????? ???????????? I didnt see him there anyways…. lol

    • angel2843 said:

      lolz you guys are funny when u communicate. lolz
      Girl: Indeed.
      Zuma:Yes… But I have no idea what she’s saying….. lol

  5. Zumaboy2 said:

    Hey, thanks for putting me in there!!! (2) Im the one going off the diving board!

  6. Zumaboy2 said:

    Oh and it was right after the tornado then you persuaded me to come! (gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

  7. Zumaboy2 said:

    Oops my name is really Zumaboy 2!!

  8. Zumaboy2 said:

    hey now it just changed all of them to zumaboy2

  9. CP lover said:

    Please Please feature my igloo my name is Linda40000 i have an awesome igloo!!!!! Its sooo cool! i will be on all day on monday and tuesday on the server alaska

  10. When I get on Snow Board I just pick the best igloo so you don’t have to go overboard just better than everyone else!

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