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Current Field Ops

Hello Penguins! It’s Zuma and I’m going to show you the ways of the field ops!

“Home sweet home!”  I said as I finally walked in my igloo from camp I put on my regular clothes and walked outside to greet my friends. “Oh my goggles.” I gasped as I saw what I did, the storm clouds weren’t only still there, it was raining! In Club Penguin! “This is… Impossible!” I ran to the EPF agency and Gary said, “We are under attack, I think there is another popcorn device in a barrel, Destroy it!” I remembered what happened with the last popcorn incident, the beloved PSA was destroyed. “No.” Was all I managed to get out, I searched everywhere, unable to find a thing. I walked over to the cove to relax, I always found myself at peace by the warmth of the fire, looking out over the sea.

“WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?” I asked no one in particular once I saw the fire was out due to the storm. I sulked over to the forest and leaned up against a rock, my eyes wet with tears urging to get out. I slammed my head on the rock, and then realized how dumb that was. “Ow! I bet I jammed up some brain cells there!” Then I fell, the ground seemed to disappear beneath me, It took me a moment to realize I had fallen and there was an entire world beneath that rock. “Omg this is just like this book I’m reading, I’m Gregor the overlander! Ares come, let us go on a quest filled with giant talking animals! I will fight king Gorger and the Bane! And meet Princess Luxa! Yes!” Then I realized how dumb I was acting, musta hit my head pretty  hard. I was on a mission time to vibrate, I mean locust, I mean focus! “Pretty light!” I said looking at my spy phone flashing and vibrating, “Oh!” I picked it up, here was the barrel, right next to me!

I connected opposite circuits and destroyed ’em “That got the job done!” I accepted my medal and went home.



~ Zumaboy

Comments on: "Current Field Ops" (2)

  1. Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that a lot of penguins may say not to buy the gear with your medals because it’s a rip off! This is N-O-T not true and you can buy and equip these items without being banned or whatever.
    Thanks ~Zumaboy

  2. wow i hope this will work

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