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Hey guys its me Swetson11.. :/

Heyy swetson11 here yes I quit clubpenguin like a year ago. And now I play Wizard101.. :/ I wish zuma would come back I miss him a lot. I want to reunite with him on wizard101 /:

Come back Zuma ;[

Heyyy its mista 13, CODAAAYYY D: But you have been offline since November :[ I miss yew bro get on once and a while and chat with me 🙂

Hey peoples!

Hi! It’s me, Girl (nobody probably knows me lol). So I got an email from CP (they think I’m a parent) with a code for 500 coins! For you folks who can’t get enough coins, here ya go! It works for more than 1 penguin (not to be confused with “Can be used more than once on 1 penguin”). I checked it with a penguin with a different email than mine and it worked. Sorry if it doesn’t work for you. 🙂

Code: DECNLR10

Happy Holidays! 😀

– Girl12389 (Or Girl34561)

Gtg but I’ll BRB!

Hey guys I have to go to camp, I think I’ve decided on a background how is it? I think it’s pretty good I’m putting full pic in funny pic page! Here I am ready for camp!

News Paper… DUN DUN DUN!

Cp’s new news paper came out, it has some interesting stuff in it…. I’m wondering how the Anniversary Party’s going to go! Aunt Arctic never gives really good answers to peoples questions… xD So read up and let the spook-a-fying adventures begin!

My halloween iggy!

Hello everyone!  I’m not the best decorater but I tried so heres my Halloween iggy!

I already entered the contest but I’d still love to here your decoration advice! Remember to give me pics of your iggys for our mini-contest!


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