All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!

Penguins Post It!

Hey everyone it’s Zumaboy! You may be wondering what happened to the activity page, well here it is now the Penguins Post It page! Here any  penguin may feel free to comment with a cheat or tip, tips will stay as comments where as a general cheat secret (That me or a mod has approved)  is more likely to be posted your username will be under the cheat, So  have fun!

Comments on: "Penguins Post It!" (39)

  1. bludude5724 said:

    i meet swetson once with zumaboy and i made friends with zumaboy

  2. bludude5724 said:

    whats a mod ?
    Swetson11:Its someone who can ban people and kick them on zumaboys chats!

  3. bludude5724 said:

    you started bloging about three mouths ago i think lol

  4. Yes three months ago……. wow ur good

  5. swetson11 said:

    hes so good its creepy!!

  6. bludude5724 said:

    i know my zumaboys cp cheats!

  7. Ye u can turn in your points to be a mod on my chat (if u want)

  8. hm… I barely know any answers…. lololol I’m a mod on a site I barely know..

    well u can’t do it anyways cuz ur a mod
    Intresting….. lol

  9. Hi zumaboy is the newest mod Simmer27? Thanks.

  10. bludude5724 said:


  11. bludude5724 said:

    excuse me but for your prizes i have to get more points than it is possible with the amount of questions how does this work please reply

  12. Oh that’s easy….. I will put more questions once these are done being answered!

  13. Hi! I am practicing and testing typing in HTML (and seeing if it works on comments!/a

  14. It worked! Yes!

  15. bludude5724 said:

    ok thx

  16. bludude5724 said:

    the top mod is swetson ! your first post is moods and how to become one i think girl added the wigit .i fist mod was swetson11.thx zuma

  17. Top mod is Swetson yes and the first post thing is right (but it wasnt moods it was mods) but the other two are wrong

  18. The who’s amung us? Was added B4 I even met girl on the cmptr!

  19. bludude5724 said:

    k can i lik re anser or when there done theredone?
    Zumaboy: Yes/a lol

  20. i think asimay is the newest

  21. i didn’t know you when u got 500 hits but i think you would do a party on cp

  22. the first mod on zumaboy i think again wasn’t here but i am going to guess some preson named yiddey22 i know beacuse u have her/his blog on your blogroll and her site looks cool (i looked at it) idk who it is really

  23. bludude5724 said:

    to ceabrate the 500 hits you did cheats galore!
    YUP!!!!! lol

  24. bludude5724 said:

    i think lol!

  25. right now sweeton11 is top mod

  26. bludude5724 said:

    how do we get points for mods?
    Zumaboy:Ask Swetson 😉

  27. bludude5724 said:


  28. bludude5724 said:

    is the newest asimay?

  29. bludude5724 said:

    ok then

  30. bludude5724 said:


  31. bludude5724 said:

    i cant belive im saying this but swetson is the newest

  32. bludude5724 said:

    girl is!
    Well she was…. but now that is the wrong answer

  33. bludude5724 said:

    me is! You finally got it!!!! xD xD oh and btw u cant answer questions about mods now srry

  34. bludude5724 said:

    but now i cant bne a owner of your chat i think i can still answer then

  35. im already your buddy what does that mean?

  36. so zum have you been on xat lately

  37. Hey, I don’t know if you remember me but I’m peace from the chat. Tielam on cp? Anyway I didn’t know what to do so I looked your website up and found it! I’ve pretty much canceled out CP and moved onto Ourworld and stardoll. I think you would like ourworld, it is a furture-like virtual world.
    When you get one or if you get one add me my name is: peacekid
    ALso put ur zumaboy.
    Stardoll I odn’t think you would liek it it’s mianly a girl site but boys are allowed on there.

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