All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!


Anniversary is finally here! And the contest is almost over! THROW SNOWBALLS THEY CHANGE COLOR! GETCHA HAT! HAVE FUN! THE CAKE WILL BURST CONFETTI hensforth giving u a stamp! Picture cool picture fun click for everyone under the sun it’s not what you think but maybe a bit better click and you shall shout something random like hether! New books to read new books to do but are all these books new for you? Anyways if you by some chance understood those sentences you’d know what you need to It’s only in coffee shop at first glance. But hey! This has been a good five years, what’s your favorite part been? Remember this party is only today!


Comments on: "ANNIVERSARY! FINALLY!" (7)

  1. I know my favorite part! Making this blog for all u guys! you guys rock thanks for making this so much fun!

  2. Um idk why there’s a line thru there but Imma mess with more html! CHEESE IS DELICIOUS!

  3. That didnt do anything…… Oh well! Anyways what do y’all like best about cp?

  4. IheartLadyGaGa said:

    Hey I love Rockhopper coming to the island, once I found him and he gave me an awesome backround!

  5. DogPenguin5639 said:

    I met Rockhopper once! I love trying to tip the ice burg! It never works but it’s just so much fun!

    Zumaboy: I love finding rockhopper and tipping the ice burg! This has been a glorious five years!

  6. SupermanIsDeBOMB said:

    I like just chilling with my friends! And of course coming here to read cheats I usually never comment but what the hey? I love ur site so yep yep yep I’ll start commenting!

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