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Hiya peoples! It’s GIRL!!!!

Why am I posting? Well I just checked this blog and it seems Zuma is quitting. I know some are upset, but come on! As you get older, your life gets busier and busier. People have to move on.

By the way, Zuma, if you are reading this (which I doubt it because Zuma isn’t answering the pleas to talk to him), contact someone on here. Seriously, do something with this blog. Don’t just let it sit here.

Chatting is fun. If anyone wants to talk, my email is (please don’t spam it)

– Girl12389 (or Girl34561, whatever you wanna call me)


Comments on: "Hi…" (1)

  1. OMG, I was looking at one of my old posts and guess what?! It had a notification that ZUMABOY WAS CURRENTLY EDITING MY POST! (Creepy music in background cuz my family is watching a creepy movie) DUN DUN DUN!!!

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