All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!

huge news!

ok theres a lot to say!

first the penguin tales volyoum three!


penguin tales volume 3

penguin tales volume ~3~

have you red them?

ok next is

I found cheats for penguins that time forgot


penguins that time forgot

Click the “g” for the grass skirt

and if you click it it should look like this:


grass skirt

and this is what it looks on you penguin!:

graas skirt 2




ok then new post cards! :

new post cards!

there are at least 3 more! bye!






hey guys today cp releshed penguins forgot time and new fall fair items!

fall fair new hat

and the member items!


puffle both new


also the cheats for the penguin forgot time!

g pic

and the new pin is located at the pizza shop!

101 days of fun pin!







last days of 101 days of fun!



penguin frgot time news


and im geting a css soon at my blog!

bye! ~bluedude5724


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