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New Newspaper!


Booooooooo Aqua won!! 😦 Zumaboy:YEAH! Cuz of mimo!! 😡

Its not a water party is a festival of flight!!!

festival of flight


Zumaboy: In other NEWS (wow corny lol) xD I read the news paper and it said….. That  the new play is gonna be a water play!!!

New water  play thing


Comments on: "New Newspaper!" (2)

  1. bludude5724 said:

    zumaboy not cause of mimo because club penguin builds a coler! then the see the resalts but they dont care about what peaple say they just put the coler in anyway! see club penguin never dose the cloer vote real they just make a new coler do he vote dont care about the reasalts and poof the coler that nobody wated ewas there! same as 2006 it was gold silver and lime green evry one wanted gold! but club penguin wanted to anoy then so they put lime green ! get my point! this was set up!

  2. bludude5724 said:

    oh and why didnt you post fast this time its a little too lete to post?

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