All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!My friend Sceptile9 Told me That instead  of Penguin654345 or whatever when u first make ur penguin and the name is being moderated It is P343532234 or something like that….. So I tested it out and it’s true!!!!!! Here is my test: The penguins real name is Sparemanlol

P instead of penguin as you can see two other new penguins where also there (probably also testing this out maybe not) and I also realized that I have over ten spare penguins (I can only remember password and user name for about three though) and that made me realize  that probably over 45% of cp’s population is spare penguins!!!! (Makes ya wonder huh? lol) So… Sayonara!!!!!!!!!

~Special thx to Sceptile9 for the P thingy. To visit his site Click Here 🙂


Comments on: "P instead of penguin!!!!!!!!" (2)

  1. ghmidorigh said:

    Yeah I notice that 2! Club penguin is getting too much ppl! Well Nice site btw!

  2. bludude5724 said:

    i know your on right now lol!

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