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New Book

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a new book today, and it is called Star Reporter!

star reporter

Star Reporter is about Aunt Arctic um and that guy from  Ruby and the Ruby maybe. lol (I’ll look it up later)

I “borrowed” (XD) Some book codes so here!

Q1) What word is on Page 6, 5 words from the left on line 5?

A. Printed

Q2) What word is on page 7, 6 words from the left on line 12?

A. Staff


Pretty cool right? As soon as I get more I well put them in the book code page(Which messed up and I lost half of my codes! :s)


Comments on: "New Book" (2)

  1. bludude5724 said:

    im geting it today!!!!!!!!!! yay!
    Awesome! ~Zumaboy

  2. ghmidorigh said:

    Yeah the book looks cool! Might get it! btw nice site!

    wanna comment back at-WOAH WE’RE HALF WAY THERE! WOAH! LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER! TAKE MY HAND, WE’LL MAKE IT I SWEAR! WOAH OH! LIVIN ON A PRAYER!- Oh sorry felt like singing! 😀 (Song sang by Zumaboy so she will not spam!! lol)

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