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New color pic post

Hi!!!!!! I was bored so quickly did something on paint so it’s not that great but oh well

Lavender banner pic thing

lol I was bored so anyways Make a pic it doesnt matter if it’s good or not showing what  color you want to win post in a comment and if it’s appropriate (lol) I will post it here!!!!!!!!!!!! once a color wins you cant post any more pics but I will make a new pic post, You will make a pic of your penguin using the new color!! So enter if u want to u have to be inbetween these ages to post a pic                 O-99,999,999,999,999,999 So enter today!!!!!!! (To enter call no number lol)

Girl: I’ll post my pic here…. There’s really no point in commenting it if I’m a mod :D… Well… Here it is:

lavender penguin

I know… I don’t have much coins… Don’t rub it in….


Comments on: "New color pic post" (6)

  1. Comment link and I will put on site!!!!!!! and say who made it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ?????????????????ok????

  3. bludude5724 said:

    how do you get that much coins!!!
    I cheated there was a awesome glitch to get them CP fixed it though. 😦

  4. bludude5724 said:

    ok they fixed it but what was it
    Zumaboy:Well…. U went to the game right b4 u got there u went home… at ur house u clicked u would like to play and then u played u lost u clicked the X in the corner a gajilion times and…. That’s it! lol

  5. sceptile9 said:

    go lavender (h)

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