All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!

This is the final day of The Cheats Galore Fest and we are ending it with a big HUGE bang so sit back relax and cheat!!!!

How to walk while waiting for a game
1.enter sled racing, mancala, of find four
2.while playing or waiting click another game board or dance or something

How to make it look like your falling off the Ice Burg
1.turn blue
go to edge of I ce burg like this!
How to do expert mode in a Dance contest if your not a member
1. go to dance contest
2. say you want to do single player
3. when choosing level(easy medium or hard) click on DJ Cadance. then you say you want to do expert!
expert-mode-cheat That’s it!
In Astro Barrier are you stuck can you not get to a high level? Well here is a cheat that will make you very happy.
When you are at the start page type in     1, 2, or 3. 1 will take you to level ten two is twenty three is thirty! Okay!

press t then click really fast again and again and you will be throwing snowballs fast! If you hold down the T then others can’t see it if you rapidly press T then they can see it.

When on CP press  =+  hold down it will look like an earthquake, just press once and you will be in low definition mode

Hi most ppl already know this but if you don’t here. Go to pizzatron the game and there will be a lever click it and if it turns you will be in Candy Pizza mode!

Lights off mode
Hi! Most ppl know this too but here it is anyway.

Go to the beacon and click the switch the light house will be off!
No light in the house of light
How to get into the Captins Quarters
Go to the library and read Captin Rockhoppers journal at the end of it there will be a key to the captins quarters!!!

Free Braclet
Go to the library and read The Stowaway and at the end there is a braclet.


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