All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!

Hi! The cheats galore fest starts today! I will post one secret, glitch, or cheat each day until Friday when I will put one or two extras. You might already know some of these  because they are old I’ll make sure each one works before I post ’em. Oh, in other words my plants aren’t growing but my puffles are taking like quadruple the time to lose any health, energy, etc.

Aunt arctic’s cool!
Here’s a funny trick, get on the news paper go to the aunt arctic section, and hover over her glasses. They turn to shades!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Arctic's Cool!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. Oh and if u think I  stole that from mimo777 a long time ago I didn’t. I told him!

Tune in tomorrow for another glitch, secret, or cheat!


Comments on: "Secret glitch thing #1!" (2)

  1. Cool!,however I knew that one lol 😀

  2. lol most ppl do

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