All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!

Hi Rockhopper is coming and some of you guys might have not seen him and well we had a convo and he is sort of well… Yeah so I say we stay mainly on Mammoth, the thing above mammoth and mitens( where we met 4 the first time and where we had our short convo). Okay if u c him comment and get on the xat chat and say the time (PST) server etc… ok So yeah. We will find him and the “new” backround u may have seen 4 him was only 4 the people who were at Disney and met him so yeah. Okay and dress nice like a pirate and original pirate thing don’t steal mine! here is what I will look like and still look like and what I met him in:

MPRHTSWMCIlol Yeah yeah I know I have a lot of coins I’ll tell u how I got them if u meet me on xat!


Comments on: "Rockhopper Search party." (1)

  1. you have a LOT of coins!!!!! WOW DUDE!!!!

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