All the Club Penguin Cheats you will EVER need!


It’s here the quest is cool! You can get awesome armor! Here are some Pics:

midevil party quest

In the maze here is the directions:  Down left down right right up Then you go to the beautiful calming cool place lol

So calming.

During the quest make sure you get all the pieces to the Golden Knight suit.

Once again they have that cool dragon.


The pin can be obtained by clicking on the burning metal thing here at boiler room


At the wizard tower (light house) you can get a free wizard hat.

YAY the magic mirror is there! lol Im asking it if I will die today and it is like “You bet!” or it says “without a doubt” lol That scares me a little… lol When I ask if I will survive it says no or very doubtful lol.

Oh but what’s a Midevil party without the tree house? IDK but it isn’t near as good so visit the nice olde tree house.

Ok now on to the play Well It is about this play and there is a ghost that scares the main charecter so she wont sing.

but they catch the ghost and it’s really the costume designer who got tangeled up in a sheet and the light was bright so he was like OOOOOoooooOooOooOOOOOoooo. Okay I guess that’s all!

Oh wait! Go to catolog and at it click the viking helmet to get the secret red viking helmet exit out and back in it 4x and you get blue viking helmet while at blue viking helmet click helga’s head ang you find the super duper ultra mega awesomely awesome secret yellow viking helmet.


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  1. pizzarosita said:

    where is the magic mirror?

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